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Processing and recycling of waste, waste water and gases

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1) CheSol 3MT 15% - Trimercapto-s-triazine, trisodium salt 15%


CheSol 3MT 15% is particularly suitable for the treatment of wastewater containing heavy metal

ions, in coal-fired power plants, municipal waste incineration plants, power plants, battery

manufacturers, photo laboratories and other industries such as chemical, electronics and metallurgy.

It has a good removal effect on most monovalent and divalent heavy metal ions. It is also widely

used for solidification/stabilization of heavy metal ions in fly ash as well as remediation of heavy

metal contaminated soil.


It is used as a precipitant for the removal of heavy metals, in wastewater treatment and flue gas

washing systems – industrial use.

It is used in industrial facilities – for water transfer and wastewater treatment

In surface treatment of water environments, organic synthesis, photo industry Precipitation of heavy

metals in water environments, in scrubbers for wet purification, in combustion plants and in waste

treatment plants.

2) Calcium nitrate 45% solution / 50% solution


Calcium nitrate, apart from its standard use as a fertilizer in agriculture, can also be used as a means

of preventing the formation of toxic hydrogen sulphide and therefore allows to eliminate the source

of unpleasant odors in the sewage network. H2S is produced by anaerobic fermentation of organic

compounds in wastewater. In the event of a lack of oxygen, bacteria begin to multiply inside the

pipe, producing hydrogen sulfide with an unpleasant smell. This process is called putrefaction and

causes the formation of foul-smelling compounds, mainly hydrogen sulfide.

Calcium nitrate in a concentration of 45% is a clear, non-foaming solution used mainly in treatment

plants. It prevents the formation of harmful hydrogen sulfide, especially in summer. It supports the

purification of waste water and is safe for human health and life.


An aqueous solution of calcium nitrate can be used:

• in the city sewer network

• in sewage systems under pressure and gravity

• in pumping stations

• in industrial wastewater, in sewage sludge, in treatment plants

• in waste water storage facilities

• in septic tanks

• in treatment plants


• Effective in removing hydrogen sulfide

• Stops its runoff into the waste water

• Does not pose a threat to human health and life at pH 5-7

• Not harmful to aquatic organisms

• Can be dosed directly into the pump station tank

3) Alkaline detergent for washing plastic waste ,before recycling

Before being ground and recycled, plastic waste needs to be “washed” of the various types

of dirt on it.

We offer a highly effective detergent that shortens the washing time and increases its